Allu Arjun Hindi Dubbed Movies: A Comprehensive List and How to Watch


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Allu Arjun, the South Indian superstar, has a massive fan following not just in the Telugu-speaking states but also across India, thanks to his Hindi dubbed movies. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of Allu Arjun’s Hindi dubbed movies, where you can watch them, and answer some common questions about this versatile actor’s films.

Allu Arjun: A South Indian Sensation

 “The Phenomenon Called Allu Arjun”

Allu Arjun, often referred to as the “Stylish Star,” has captivated audiences with his charismatic screen presence and remarkable acting skills. His popularity transcends regional boundaries, making him a sought-after actor not only in the South but also in North India, where his Hindi dubbed movies have garnered a massive fan base.

List of Allu Arjun’s Hindi Dubbed Movies

 “From Arya to Pushpa: The Rise – Allu Arjun’s Hindi Journey”

Here’s a list of some of Allu Arjun’s notable Hindi dubbed movies that have entertained audiences:

  1. Arya – A romantic action film that introduced Allu Arjun’s charm to Hindi-speaking audiences.
  2. Bunny: The Hero – A high-energy entertainer that showcases his impeccable dance moves.
  3. Sarrainodu – A power-packed action film that solidified his position in North India.
  4. DJ (Duvvada Jagannadham) – A blend of action and comedy that received a warm reception.
  5. Pushpa: The Rise – His latest blockbuster that has taken the nation by storm.

 “Where to Watch Allu Arjun Hindi Dubbed Movies”

If you’re eager to watch Allu Arjun’s Hindi dubbed movies, there are several platforms where you can find them:

  1. OTT Platforms: Streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ Hotstar often have a collection of Allu Arjun’s Hindi-dubbed films.
  2. YouTube: Some movies may be available for free or on rent on YouTube.
  3. Television: Hindi-dubbed versions of his films are frequently aired on TV channels specializing in South Indian cinema.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 “Answers to Common Queries”

FAQ 1: How Many Hindi Dubbed Movies Has Allu Arjun Done?

A: Allu Arjun has dubbed several of his films into Hindi, and the list continues to grow.

FAQ 2: Where Can I Watch the Latest Allu Arjun Hindi Dubbed Movie, ‘Pushpa: The Rise’?

A: “Pushpa: The Rise” can be streamed on various OTT platforms once it’s officially released for online streaming.

FAQ 3: Are Allu Arjun’s Hindi Dubbed Movies as Popular as His Telugu Films?

A: Yes, his Hindi dubbed movies have gained immense popularity, attracting a vast Hindi-speaking fan base.

FAQ 4: Which Allu Arjun Hindi Dubbed Movie Should I Start With If I’m New to His Films?

A: You can begin with “Arya” or “Sarrainodu” to experience his versatile acting and charismatic screen presence.

FAQ 5: Does Allu Arjun Voice His Hindi Dubbed Characters?

A: While Allu Arjun typically dubs for his Telugu films, he may not always provide the Hindi voiceovers. Professional dubbing artists often voice his characters in Hindi.


Allu Arjun’s Hindi dubbed movies have played a pivotal role in introducing this South Indian sensation to a wider audience. Whether you’re a fan of his power-packed action sequences or his infectious dance moves, there’s something in his filmography for everyone. You can enjoy his Hindi dubbed films on various platforms, making it convenient to join the millions of fans who have fallen in love with the “Stylish Star” from the South. Keep an eye out for his upcoming releases, as Allu Arjun continues to entertain and mesmerize audiences across the country.

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