Mini Kimono – Kotan


This is the final result of a couple of simple yukata style kimonos I was working on. Yukata is a light summer kimono. They are very informal but are the most common type for people to wear now.

Unfortunately, the dark Redwood burl kimono with the Maple background was damaged while I was finishing it and wasn’t fixable, but I did get a picture of it and wanted to share it anyways.

The lighter kimono on the Walnut background it made from a burl I am unfamiliar with. I was given the veneer as a gift but was never told what it was. Either way it is lovely to work with and looks amazing. I named it Kotan, which means Elegant Simplicity.

I had originally planned to make these wall hangings but I really like how these pieces look on the little easels I photographed them on. I will not be putting hanging hardware on them unless it is specifically requested.

The final dimensions on the piece is about 5 3/4″ x 5 3/4″.