Mini Kimono Project – Piece 1

This will be an ongoing project for the next while. I am hoping it will become a series of at least 9 pieces total. I imagine them being displayed in a 3 x 3 orientation. The series will feature different kimonos, from the extravagant Furisode to the more humble Yukata. I may also include a few different pieces such as a fan to give some diversity.

This particular piece is a Geisha’s Formal style kimono. It features many fans made up of a variety of wood types. I have included a picture from when the piece was being worked on, as well as a picture with my original sketch. I have originally planned to put more detail into each fan but decided against it. I feel that more detail would take away from the beauty and richness that each wood type brings. All the fans are made up of non dyed wood veneers. It has not been pressed or finished yet, so does lack the final polish that it will have later.

Each piece will be about 6″ x 6″ after they are pressed and finished.